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Buying a new property is cause for celebration!

There are times when buying property is a breeze but, more often than not, many elements of the house-hunting process are daunting. Establishing value, knowing what to look out for, understanding how to navigate competitive processes like Auction, Tender or multi-offer scenarios, which professionals you need and at what point you would be wise to engage them. And, dare I say it, even dealing with agents. Sound familiar?

As with most agents in New Zealand, I am a sellers agent. What this means is that I work for and am paid by the seller so please bear in mind that I will be speaking from that perspective. A big part of my role, however, is providing buyers with information about the properties I sell and the process in general to give them the confidence to move forward. And I love this aspect of my work. Helping to educate and connect hopeful buyers with solutions and pointing them in the direction of resources that can help them secure homes they are really happy with.  

So, buyers, this space is dedicated to connecting you with bite-sized practical advice, dispelling a few real estate myths and pointing you in the direction of resource and professionals who can help ease your real estate journey. 

Here's to you securing a new home and reclaiming those weekends!

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