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The great news is, that properties are selling and there are ample buyers out there right now who are willing and able to pay good money for your property. 

What has changed over the last two years
  • Values have dipped in most areas but the degree of dip varies depending on location, property type, buyer demand and level of competition from other sellers with similar properties. Remember, that if you sell and buy in the same market, it is all relative.
  • FOOP (Fear of Over Paying) has replaced FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
  • In many suburbs, median days to sell are longer than this time last year. 
  • Offers 'subject to sale' are common. You are much more likely to have an offer ‘subject to sale’ considered and more likely to receive one yourself (we’ll cover off some things to think about there in the blog).
The new normal

Current market conditions are less forgiving than they were - which accounts for properties that you see sit on the market or fail to sell altogether. 

Sellers who base their selling decisions on what has happened (recent statistics) and remain conscious of their buyers other choices thus staying a step ahead of their competition, are the sellers that secure the best outcomes. 

This is a market where the well-informed and well-prepared seller wins. 

At your consultation

Maria will quickly get you up to speed with the following...

  • An estimated value for your property based on an analysis of recent sales and competition on the market.
  • Estimate timeframes to sell. Median days to sell as well as an overview of how quickly similar properties are moving in your suburb.  
  • Recommendations on the buyer group to target given your desired objective. 
  • Success rates of different methods of sale for similar properties in your location. 
Other ways we help.
  • By highlighting aspects of your property or related to your sale which are most likely to be met with buyer resistance and make recommendations around minimization and management. Hint: Even 'near-perfect' properties have areas of buyer resistance. ie. High-value properties can have the challenge of breaking their suburbs' glass ceiling so, in this case, planning would be around how we intend to justify value to your buyers. 
  • Whether your intended pre-sale improvements are likely to pay off. 
  • A tailored service for investors, including discrete 'sight-unseen' portfolio assessments/appraisals, advice on rights and obligations in relation to selling investment property and tenant management throughout the process should you come to market. 
  • Information to help you double-check your numbers. We are happy to provide you with statistics for the areas you are looking at purchasing in (New Zealand wide) and connect you with other professionals who can help you where possible. Plus we are only a phone call away for support should you need it. 
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